K DEVELOPMENT GROUP unites companies established since 1993 with the common view of investment in Projects reflecting the contemporary society trends. In the course of its history the GROUP has successfully worked with well known Investors such as SHELL, OMV, PETROM, LUKOIL, ASTROM, MEVGAL, ROHE, BAEF, and was engaged with Bulgarian Government's Priority Projects. In the energy sector our partners are world-leading manufacturers like YINGLI SOLAR and SMA.

Assuming the total responsibility for the Projects – starting from the R&D stage; Financial, technological and environmental viability assessment; Design; Permits; Supplier Commissioning; Execution; Utilities; Warrantee and post-warrantee maintenance in Operation stage.

Forward thinking - Our over 20 years-of-experience gives us the ability to anticipate, foresee and suggest the optimal solutions for each phase of the Project, ensuring its highest return.

Ability to implement the international standards and best practices, while taking an account of the local environment, to ensure the constant quality for the Project and the customer’s satisfaction.

Ability to move very quickly, especially emphasizing on the starting phases of a Project, pushing-up the necessary licenses and working in a precise coordination with all authorities involved.

Innovation – we monitor closely the world economical, industrial, environmental and social trends and focus our own investment Projects in hi-tech, value-adding industries with middle to long-term life span.

Striving to ensure the highest quality for the customer, as well as our company performance, we maintain an adequate quality management system, certified under ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007.